Sunday, 7 May 2017

The Castle Inn Mill Bridge Skipton 6th May 2017

The Castle Inn introduced a vegan menu awhile back, which has proved popular, just read their TripAdvisor reviews.   When I had lunch in March, I vowed to return for dinner, so arranged a night out in Skipton, just so I could visit again.

I loved the new signage outside, shouting out proudly, about their vegan friendliness,

The Castle Inn is a Grade II English Heritage listed building, dating back to the early 1800's, just round the corner from Skipton Castle, with plenty of outside seating to the front.   The Castle is what I call a proper pub inside and loved its real pub atmosphere, its nooks and crannies, with cosy snugs and friendly feel.

They proudly let you know, they cater for vegans, with vegan menus, on all the tables.

The last time we visited, we ordered falafel and pulled 'pork' burger, roasted hazelnut and mushroom stew, Mississippi mud pie and blueberry cheesecake.

On this visit, we sat down and ordered a bottle of the Stellar Organics Running Duck white wine, but they had run out, so had the Shiraz instead.

We decided to order the falafel and red pepper houmous starter, to share as a light beginning to the meal.   Our waitress came back to the table, to double check what we had ordered and then fifteen minutes later, a different waitress came with our main courses and took them back to the kitchen.  Why do staff think it is clever to try and remember customer orders, it just does not work, wherever I have been.   We were then brought our starter, which was delicious, although four falafels would have been nice to share and  the dish would not win any prizes for presentation.

Steven chose the Wellington main course, a hearty portion, but not over facing.   What an improvement on our earlier lunch at Filmore and Union, this dish was full of flavour, well seasoned, with a delicious jug of gravy, he loved it.

Beetroot risotto was my choice, served with spinach and cashew cheese, another great dish, well seasoned, full of flavour and I loved the cashew cheese.  

Our original waitress came to take our dessert order and told us the Black Forest gateau and Mississippi mud pie were unavailable, but gave no explanation as to why.   I later learned that The Castle Inn had just fitted a new oven in the kitchen and were unable to make the other two options.

Steven chose blueberry cheesecake and I salted caramel and chocolate tart, but we waited and waited and they never turned up after twenty minutes.   We chased the waitress, who blamed it on the check not being put through to the kitchen.   The desserts were worth the wait though, served with coconut caramel cream, they were awesome, no other way to describe them.

Overall the food was an absolute winner, but service was lacking from the minute we walked through the door.   Will this stop us coming back, no chance, the food is TOO good.

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