Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Food By Breda Murphy Station Road Whalley 24th May 2017

Food By Breda Murphy had a major refurbishment earlier this year, creating more covers, a private dining room and Reilly's Gin Bar.   They serve breakfast and lunch, are open for dinner Friday and Saturday evenings and there is a delicatessen offering take away or eat in food, separate to the restaurant.

The refurbishment is fantastic, light and modern, but warm and welcoming, although I did not take photos of the interior, as it was so busy and would be a little intrusive on other diners.   I visited for lunch as they offer a vegan menu, which makes life so much easier, than having to pre-arrange a menu.

I chose salt baked beetroot, with pickled carrots to start, which was a picture on a plate and loving beetroot, was spot on.   The beetroot was delicious, especially the beetroot gel and the whole dish was elevated, with the crunchy cashew granola and the apple and fennel salad.

Main course was leek and spinach gratin, with smoked potatoes, which was not what I was expecting, rather on the small side and for me needed a protein element, like cannellini or borlotti beans or chickpeas.   The smoked potato puffs were a novel idea, with a smoky punch, but I would prefer just simple smoked potatoes on the side, however the dish was very tasty and I polished it off.

I chose Granny Smith compote for dessert, though they must have run out of Granny Smiths, so I was served rhubarb compote instead, with Granny Smith sorbet.   The dessert was delicious and the warm rhubarb complimented the cold of the sorbet perfectly.

I was charged £22.50 for three courses, which for Ribble Valley prices, is not bad, especially when taking into account the provenance and sourcing of ingredients.

My next visit on Friday 9th June, was to meet friends and how easy to get there, the train station is directly opposite, with a small carpark and plenty off street parking for those arriving by car.

I did a little research beforehand, which revealed a few vegan friendly wines on the comprehensive list and if I dug deeper, I bet there are loads more, as I have found in the past.

Uvam Pinot Grigio Blus delle Venezie
The Courtesan Riesling
Lagar da Xestosa Godello
Mionetto Avantgarde Prosecco
Domaine Tremblay Chablis
Quinta da Bacalhoa Moscatel de Setubal

I kicked off with a glass of Prosecco, whilst deciding what to have and chose the pan fried wild mushrooms, with tenderstem broccoli and lemongrass curry oil.

I adore wild mushrooms and this was a good choice, as I loved every delicious component and Steven said, he wished he had ordered it.

To accompany dinner, I ordered a white wine from Spain, Lagar da Xestosa Godello, another great choice, so good we had two bottles, but what a shame places do not clearly label vegan wines on the list, much easier for the diner.

Main course was a hearty portion of penne pasta, roast tomato sauce, pine nuts and fried basil, I am a pasta addict, this was spot on and I ate it all, it was that tasty.

I cannot deny the food is well cooked, perfectly seasoned and of a very high quality, but if you are looking for huge piled up plates of food, it is not the place for you.   I love Breda Murphys and I can see me being a regular visitor, so hope they will vary the vegan options, to keep it fresh and interesting, for their vegan customers.   The only critique was the singer playing the night of our visit, he was really good, but far too loud and when he went for a break, it was quite a relief to be able to hear ourselves speak across the table.   Management were aware of this, as they were asking diners their views, so it will be addressed for future, but on the food front, this is top notch cooking and very friendly service from the front of house team.

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