Sunday, 7 May 2017

Filmore & Union High Street Skipton 6th May 2017

I have been to Filmore and Union for dinner, but this visit was at lunchtime, as they have vegan options, clearly labelled on the menu.

Filmore and Union is on the main street, running through the market town of Skipton and is modern and contemporary.

We ordered cavolo nero crisps, as I love Italian 'black cabbage, shame it was actually kale, although it was tasty enough.

I was unable to have the Deli salad combo, as all the items had either, tofu, soya or lentils in, so I chose a double portion of the new potato, fennel, caper and salsa verde salad, with a side of asparagus.

I love salty capers, for their ability to add loads of flavour to a dish, these were tasteless, like all the saltiness had been rinsed off.   I gave one to Steven to try and he agreed, they added nothing to the dish, which was bland and under seasoned.   The asparagus side was a miniscule portion, with an inedible bit, as tough as old boots, served too.   

Steven chose The Rainbow earth bowl, with a tofu and quinoa cake, if you compare the photo, to the menu description, it was missing miso, kimchi, asparagus and houmous.   Steven enjoyed miso rice at All Bar One in January and hence why he chose this dish, he was not impressed and we never fathomed out what the orange stuff was on the dish, looked like mango sauce.

We were both disappointed with our choices and with two coffees and a jug of sparkling water, at £32.00, felt the lunch was way overpriced.   There are better places to eat, especially for vegans, like The Castle Inn, where we went for dinner in the evening.

I expressed my disappointment via social media and fair play to Filmore and Union, they investigated and apologised for the poor lunch we had.   They also, as a gesture of goodwill, sent me a voucher to cover the cost and asked if I would give them another chance, so I will give them the benefit of doubt and revisit, when next in Skipton.

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  1. That's really expensive! My recently reviewed cafe Kith & Kin in Whitley Bay gave us lunch and drinks for under £25. I'd expected more from Filmore :(