Saturday, 22 April 2017

The Villa Whalley Road Clitheroe 21st April 2017

The Villa is an Italian restaurant on the outskirts of the market town of Clitheroe, offering Italian cuisine and Mediterranean dishes.   I have not been to The Villa for two years, when the pizza I had was absolutely awful, so not visited since, so hoped things had improved.

There is a large beautiful terrace to the rear, a perfect spot on a warm summer evening, to enjoy an Aperitivo, but sadly on my visit, the weather was not being kind.

I asked for the allergen list, which was quickly brought, although I think it needs updating, there were dishes on the menu, that were not included on it.

I ordered rosemary garlic bread, to share with the table, which was delicious, with loads of fresh rosemary on the top.

Next I asked if they could make garlic mushrooms, as a vegan option, made with olive oil, which they were more than happy to do, the mushrooms were really tasty, with loads of garlic.

Main course was a peperonata pizza, replacing the two cheeses with spinach and chillies.

The pizza was delicious, well cooked, plenty topping and tomato sauce, but not too much and although I did not manage to eat it all, I made a good attempt.

I ordered a Giovanni Puiatti Puiatinno Pinot Grigio white wine, to accompany my dinner, which was a vegan wine, I recognised on the list.

The front of house team, were only young, but did a great job, very professional and friendly, I would certainly revisit.

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