Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Real Sauce Company

Real Sauce Company make 100% vegan gluten free sauces, registered with The Vegan Society.   Their ethos is to produce sauces, from natural ingredients, to enhance the flavour of dishes, but not compromise on taste.

I was lucky to be sent samples of the four sauces they make, Caribbean BBQ, Caribbean Curry, Korma and Tikka Masala.

Steven will have to give his thoughts on the Korma and Tikka Masala, as both contain soya, which  I am allergic to (he is rather pleased about this, more for him).   I will therefore update this review as and when he has tried them.

I kicked off with the Caribbean BBQ sauce first, using jackfruit as the main component, which is my new favourite ingredient to use in my cooking.

The sauce was not thick and gloopy like many, which are thickened with modified starch, in fact I was rather concerned how thin it was, although it had a lovely aromatic smell.   However I need not worry, with the finished dish, the sauce was really delicious and had a proper kick of chilli.


I then made Caribbean curry, using potatoes, mushrooms and chickpeas, a fabulous combination for a curry.   The sauce was much thicker, than the BBQ and had a fabulous smell, as I poured it into the pan.

The final dish was delicious, it smelt good and tasted great, especially with spring greens, peas and chapatis.

I made a potato and vegetable Tikka Masala for Steven tonight and when I opened the jar, you got a good waft of spices.

Steven really loved the curry sauce, saying it was like homemade, rather than the usual bottled sauces, without being gloopy, I was rather envious to be honest.

I love the concept of producing authentic, fresh sauces, very much homemade, rather than readymade and that it is a family owned business, based in West Sussex.   The sauces are not your run of the mill product and are not cheap, but as I usually cook everything from scratch, it is nice to find an off the shelf, quality homemade kind of product, to treat myself and hang up my apron for a change.

Disclaimer:   I received free samples of this product and have not been paid for this review and all opinions are my own.

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