Saturday, 29 April 2017

Piccolino Moor Lane Clitheroe 29th April 2017

Piccolino Clitheroe is part of the Individual Restaurants Group and serves modern and classic Italian dishes, but with no specific vegan options, I ask for the allergen list and design my own menu.

When I asked for the allergen list tonight, I was given the gluten free menu, which was neither use nor ornament, I thought it was a legal requirement to provide customers with allergen information.

When I asked our waiter Guiseppe if the pasta was eggfree, he confirmed it was and that side vegetables, could be made with olive oil instead of butter.

We kicked off with a very nice bottle of Bottega Vinai Gewurtztraminer, funnily enough I have a bottle of this in the fridge at home, it is a fabulous wine.

We had some giant Apulian Cerignola olives to nibble on, whilst we perused the menus, they are some of the best I have eaten in awhile, they were fabulous.

As a starter, I ordered bruschetta pomodoro, simply tomatoes on toasted bread, a delicious start to the meal, with a good glug of olive oil and a grind of black pepper.

Main course, because it is very limited on the vegan front, was fusilli pomodoro (yes more tomatoes) without Grana Padano cheese, although I took some Good Carma Foods chilli Flavour Fusion Spreadable, to give it a good kick.

I ordered a side of vegetables with olive oil, instead of butter, but a pathetic portion for  £4.25, the mark up must be astronomical.

To be fair the food was tasty and well seasoned, but this is not cheap eating and portions are not huge.

A recent change in management is obvious, service was lacking, as in the allergen info request, no specials were offered, even though other tables were given them, but by then we had already ordered.   We finished our main courses, but there was no offer of desserts or coffees, as staff were more interested in congregating round the reception desk larking about, so we asked for the bill and left.

I have a love/hate relationship with Piccolino, but do I think it is value for money, the more I go and see the shrinking portion sizes, definitely not.

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