Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Good Carma Foods Flavour Fusion Spreadables

I was lucky enough to be sent samples, of Flavour Fusion Spreadables, the latest products from Good Carma Foods, in identical flavours to their dairy free Parmesan alternatives, which I am a huge fan of and reviewed here.

I love the spreads are preservative, additive, palm oil and soya free, only made with almonds, yeast flakes with added vitamin B12, Himalayan salt and olive oil.   They are packed in 60 g jars, so ideal for travelling, in fact my immediate thought was how great to take on a cruise.

I made a wrap for my lunch, with the chilli spreadable and I was pleased to find it had a spicy punch.   The appearance is not as smooth as some spreadable cheese, but I preferred it like that as it had texture and a bite to it, I loved it.

The chilli spreadable would be fantastic on toast, cheese crackers, oatcakes, Mexican tacos, or mixed with breadcrumbs as a crunchy topping or in pasta dishes.

I then made garlic butter, with some Pure olive spread and the garlic spreadable, to top some oven baked sausage stuffed jacket potatoes.

This made a cracking dish, with a good garlic hit and I was immediately thinking of other uses, like garlic bread, with pasta and roast vegetables, as a sandwich spread, cheesy sauces, its uses are endless.

Finally I used the original spreadable, in a veganised River Cottage recipe, for leek and cheese toastie, swopping the sourdough for a flatbread.

The original spreadable added a lovely cheesy flavour, to the creamy leek mixture and when sprinkled on top and grilled, added a golden brown top, it is another versatile product.

I love the spreadables, which are a fantastic addition to the Good Carma range.   I also like the pot size, which would be useful to take in my bag, to add some depth to dishes, when dining out and vegan dishes are a let down and need pimping up with some flavour.

Disclaimer:   I received free samples of this product and have not been paid for this review and all opinions are my own.

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  1. OK, now this is something that my kitchen cabinet should definitely have. Thanks for posting this mate. Much appreciated.