Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Forum Bar King Street Whalley 5th April 2017

Forum Bar is right in the centre, of the picturesque village of Whalley, offering informal dining during the day, but a buzzing bar at night, especially at weekends.   There is a carpark across the road, the bus station is just round the corner and the railway station only 10 mins away.   They also have a venue in Preston city centre on Winckley Square, which I have yet to visit.

I went for lunch with Steven and asked for their allergen list, so I could decide what to have, makes life so much easier.   To start we ordered padron peppers and olives to share, whilst we decided on mains.

They were both delicious, so much so, we could have eaten double, the padron peppers were particularly good and well seasoned with salt.

I then had spiced aubergine, tomato, toasted pine nuts and coriander, asking for extra to replace the feta cheese, thick cut chips and an undressed side salad.

I hope the spiced aubergine is never taken off the menu, it is an awesome dish, perfectly cooked (nothing worse than badly cooked aubergine) with a crunch of pine nuts, hint of spice and fragrant coriander.   I mixed the aubergine with my salad, as the oil it was cooked in, made a perfect dressing and was too good to leave.   The thick cut chips were crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside, I loved all of it.

I could not complain about anything, service was good and based on the food and it being so easy to choose something vegan, with the allergen list readily available, I will definitely revisit.

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