Friday, 21 April 2017

Boundary Mill Vivary Way Colne 21st April 2017

Boundary Mill is the UK's largest mill store retailer with five stores and I met up with friends, at their Colne Store, to have a browse and have lunch.   Boundary Mill has a massive choice of men and ladies wear, shoes, lingerie, luggage, accessories, home furnishings and cookware, with three dining options, including Bannisters Restaurant.

I emailed Boundary Mill, well before our visit and had really positive dialogue with Valerie the Manager of Bannisters Restaurant, who offered a vegan shepherds pie or a chickpea and vegetable curry with rice.

By the time the day of our visit came around, I had dinner out at night planned, so only wanted a light lunch.   I therefore chose tempura vegetables with chilli dipping sauce and some salad, although they gave me a couscous salad, with an olive oil dressing.

The tempura vegetables were really good, light, crisp, not greasy and no thick doughy batter either.   The couscous salad was rather bland, but drizzled with chilli sauce, was okay.   In all honesty if I went again,  I would order two portion of the tempura, they were that good, or ask for the curry.

This was my first visit to Boundary Mill, but its not somewhere I normally visit,  but I found the team there very accommodating and Lisa our waitress was very helpful.

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  1. Good review post! The food looks delicious yet simple. A combination of vegetables to form tempura is a good idea. The place seems welcoming with good food.