Saturday, 18 March 2017

Vesuvio Whalley Road Clitheroe 18th March 2017

We were staying in Clitheroe and friends recommended Vesuvio, so I messaged to ask if the pizza bases were vegan friendly.  I received a speedy reply from owner, Massimiliano Burzio, a member of the True Neopolitan Pizza Association, confirming they were suitable.

Vesuvio cook their pizzas in a wood burning oven, at an intense heat of 450º, which really makes a difference to the pizza, giving it a delicate smoked flavour.

I ordered a Margherita, with aubergine, artichokes, peppers and red onion, without cheese.   I also asked if they would mind, not cutting my pizza into slices with the cutter, as being allergic to dairy and vegan would be a cross contamination issue and they were happy to do so.

The pizza took about ninety seconds to cook, it looked fantastic and was awesome, the base and tomato sauce were perfect, with delicious toppings, I loved it.   Vesuvio make better pizzas than most Italian restaurants I have visited in recent times, it is highly recommended.

I drank an excellent Booths Supermarket Chianti Classico, clearly labelled as vegan friendly, with my pizza and it made for an excellent dinner.

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