Saturday, 11 March 2017

The Royal Taj Whalley Road Langho 10th March 2017

The Royal Taj is in the village of Langho and having read great reviews, decided to contact them about vegan options.   I had a great response from Manager Rebel, who assured me dishes were cooked separately and he could advise on vegan friendly dishes, so off we went for dinner.

The Royal Taj has great transport links, a bus stop right outside, the train station is just across the road and if you are travelling by car, it has a large carpark.   Inside there is a large bar and seating area and the restaurant has plenty of room, so tables are not cramped next to each other.

We had a drink whilst perusing the menu and Rebel came over, so I introduced myself and he told me immediately which dishes I could not have.   He confirmed dishes were cooked in oil or vegetable ghee and if I had any questions just ask, you cannot say fairer than that.

I chose spicy potato and chickpeas in chaat spices on puri, a dish I would not normally order, as I thought puri was not vegan friendly and could be a heavy dish with the bread.   Rebel said chef could make a vegan gram flour puri specially for me instead.

The potato and chickpea topping was absolutely delicious, with a light as a feather puri, maybe they should make them with gram flour in future.   Steven has eaten puri in the past and found them heavy and stodgy, so usually left them, not a morsel to be seen of mine, it was devoured.

Main course was vegetable Naga curry, sag bhaji, boiled rice and a green salad, which I love with my curry.

The curries were excellent, not oily at all, nothing worse than a slick of oil on top and the Naga was spicy as it should be.   My only critique was there could be more variety in the vegetable curry, like cauliflower, mushrooms and aubergine, but I did enjoy it and demolished the lot.

I was surprised how quiet it was, on a Friday night, but I think there has been a change in ownership and they are still in the stage of attracting customers, no mean feat with so much competition.   I also think it is a work in progress, as the toilets are in need of some refurbishment, but as they say, Rome was not built in a day.

I had a chat with Rebel and I loved his attitude regarding my veganism, saying it was my choice and should be respected as such, like religious beliefs   He also explained how careful they are, with anyone who has an allergy, to ensure that their customer can feel safe, whilst dining there.

I thoroughly enjoyed my Indian dinner and look forward to returning, to try some of the other dishes, they have on the menu.

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