Friday, 3 March 2017

The Castle Inn Mill Bridge Skipton 3rd March 2017

The Castle Inn is a grade II English Heritage listed building, dating back to the early 1800's, just round the corner from Skipton Castle.

The Castle Inn is the last place in Skipton, I would expect to see vegan options, so I have my twitter friend @L_a_1_a  to thank for this great find, after tweeting me a photo of their vegan menu.   Joanne who works there, a vegan herself, encouraged and inspired them to take part in Veganuary.   The vegan menu has proved so successful, with its numerous creative choices, it is now a permanent fixture, though I think the mention of butter is a misprint, I presume its vegan spread.

We have been visiting Skipton for years, yet not once set foot through The Castle Inn's door, so their vegan menu has gained them two new customers.   We loved its real pub atmosphere, its nooks and crannies, with cosy snugs and friendly feel, with a warm reception from Joanne, who showed us through to the front snug.

I love that the vegan menu, was proudly advertised on a board, over the fire place and each table had a copy of the menu, in so many places you have to ask for the vegan menu, as if they are ashamed of it.

I was spoiled for choice, however the falafel and pulled pork burger won my vote and Steven ordered the mushroom and hazelnut stew.   When the dishes arrived, the presentation of the burger, towering on the plate, made me realise it was a good idea to miss out starters.   The burger was really light, not heavy, stodgy or greasy, packed with jackfruit, with cashew cheese on the side, it made for one of the best burgers I have eaten.

Steven's stew was equally well presented, with loads of mustard mash, roast potatoes and he loved the textures of the stew with the hazelnuts. 

The cooking of both dishes was spot on, made to order, delicious and comforting, this is not just pub grub, its top notch food.   I left some of the bread and one onion ring (I was tempted), as I was determined that I was not missing out, on one of the awesome sounding desserts.   I have never eaten Mississippi mud pie, so my choice was easy, whilst Steven chose blueberry cheesecake.

The desserts were hearty portions, scrumptious and very moreish, but I had to admit defeat,  but a shame to leave any, it was that good.   Steven demolished his cheesecake and nicked some of mine, but both agreed how great it was to find such awesome vegan desserts, no fruit salad or sorbet in sight.

We had a chat with Joanne and I loved her enthusiasm about the menu and understand why it is so popular.   I have been waiting thirty years, to be able to go out for a pub lunch and be offered a choice of quality vegan dishes.

Will we go back, you bet we will, how could you keep away with food this good.

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