Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Prezzo Capitol Centre Walton Le Dale - 22nd March 2017

Prezzo is a large UK chain of 250 modern Italian restaurants and this was my first visit.   I had heard Prezzo had introduced a couple of vegan options, so on a recent shopping trip to Waitrose, right next door and a 25% off food voucher, who could resist.

The place inside is modern with contemporary furnishings, with well spaced tables and a big pizza oven.

I ordered olives to start, which were very nice, whilst perusing the menu.

I chose vegan pappardelle, with a side salad for mains, as I love all the components, as the vegan sharing board, was meant for two people I think and I did not want to be too greedy.

My first thought was why serve a hot dish on a cold plate and although the pasta was nicely cooked, the topping was a big disappointment.   The vegetables were not chargrilled, as shown in the photo of the dish on Prezzo's website, I felt like they been hanging around and there was no rocket.   The dish was bland and lacking flavour,  overpowered by the smokiness of the balsamic dressing, it was just edible.   There were some crunchy bits, which I let Steven try first, as I was concerned what it was, but never fathomed out what, I can only describe it, as a little like crunchy pear.   

I do not think the ingredients are of particularly high quality, which reflects in the run of the mill food.   There are far better chains to eat as a vegan and although Prezzo have added vegan options to the menu, this dish is not one I would chose again, perhaps the platter is better.

I am not one for complaining, unless its absolutely awful, I just vote with my feet and vegan pounds and would only return, if there was nowhere else to dine, when out and about.   I certainly would not want to pay full price, even with the voucher, it was still overpriced.

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