Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Bean Hotpot

I am a Lancashire lass, so brought up on its famous dish, Lancashire hotpot, so I decided to veganise it, using beans.

1 large onion chopped
2 carrots chopped
1 leek chopped
2 sticks celery chopped
2 tbsp. tomato puree
1 tbsp vegan Worcestershire sauce
1/2 litre vegetable stock
1 tbsp cornflour
2 bay leaves
8 medium potatoes thinly sliced
400 g can borlotti beans
100 g peas
1 tbsp margarine
2 tbsp rapeseed oil
Salt and pepper

Serves 2-3

Heat the oven to 200º.   Put the onions, leek, carrots and celery into a pan, with the oil and cook for 10 mins until soft.


Add the tomato puree, Worcestershire sauce, bay leaves and cook for a further 5 mins, to cook the tomato puree.

Put the cornflour into a cup with 2 tbsp water and mix together, making sure there are no lumps.

Add the stock, cornflour mixture, peas, beans including their juices and a good grind of salt and pepper to the pan and cook for 15 mins.

Pour the mixture into an ovenproof dish, arrange the potatoes neatly over the top and dot with the margarine.

Bake for 45-50 mins, until bubbling and the potatoes are cooked through, when pierced with a knife, browned and crisp.

I love my hotpot with pickled red cabbage, beetroot or pickled onions and if I am feeling really greedy, a big chunk of bread.

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