Friday, 20 January 2017

The Cross Keys East Marton Skipton 20th January 2017

I was meeting a friend for lunch with Steven, but finding it difficult to find somewhere, with anything remotely veganisable.   I remembered The Cross Keys, where I have not been for over 30 years, so went online to check their menu.   I was impressed to find a clearly labelled vegan main course, but a shame no starter or dessert was available, I can only presume they are testing the water.

The pub is far larger than I remember, as we were shown through to the large room to the rear, with a huge wood burning fire and plenty tables and chairs, so we sat in the window to soak up the rare January sunshine.

I kicked off with some delicious olives, with loads of garlic, baby onions and red and yellow peppers, with a name like mine, it would be rude not to.

I decided to ask if the Thai curry paste was definitely fish free, as they often contain fish sauce or shrimp paste, but I was impressed they knew their stuff and confirmed it totally vegan.   The main course when it came was a hearty portion, packed with chickpeas, potatoes and spinach, in a delicious yellow Thai curry sauce and with the rice, made an excellent tasty lunch.   I do not understand places, that think vegans have the appetite of a sparrow and serve minute amounts, mind you The Cross Keys is in Yorkshire, renowned for healthy portions.

I hope The Cross Keys expand their vegan offerings, it makes for impromptu dining, no need to give notice or pre-order and I would definitely return, if ever in the area.

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