Thursday, 1 December 2016

The Emporium Moor Lane Clitheroe 12th April 2017

The Emporium was the first venue, in the family of what is now James' Places Group, housed in a three storey Methodist Chapel, converted to create an informal place to eat, drink and shop, in the market town of Clitheroe.

Originally a coffee shop, The Emporium has evolved over the years, to encompass a wine bar, brasserie and interior design shop, with furnishings on show, available to purchase.   I love its warm, inviting, relaxed atmosphere and as described on the website its Parisian Grand Cafe style, appeals to all.

They introduced a vegan menu last year (see below), but when I visited last night, this was not available, as they are in the process of creating a new extended version, as it has proved so popular.   I will add the new menu, when it is available.   Last night I was handed a paper copy, with their apologies, as the new menu was at the printers, so off the top of my head, dishes included:  

Vegan breakfast
Avocado on toast
Porridge made with soya milk or water
Bread and oils
Nachos (little or large)
Onion fritters with mango and lime dressing
Club sandwich
Vegan plank including houmous, falafels, pitta bread, salad, artichokes, olives
Asparagus and pea risotto
Vegan pizza
Pineapple carpaccio

I kicked off with a small nachos with salsa, chillies and guacamole, I wonder how big the large is, as it was a good sized portion.   The nachos were fabulous, with a good kick of spice and delicious guacamole, they made a great starter.

Main course was asparagus and pea risotto, again a generous portion and very tasty, however I took some Good Carma vegan Parmesan with me to sprinkle over.   Maybe The Emporium could add this or nutritional yeast, to their store cupboard, to add cheesy flavours to their vegan dishes.

I ordered an Emiliana Adobe Viognier white wine to drink, suitable for vegans and a perfect accompaniment to my risotto.   There are a good number of vegan wines, on the list, perhaps these will be highlighted in the future, for their vegan and vegetarian customers, who like me do not want to drink wines, fined with the likes of isinglass.

I thoroughly enjoyed my dinner and look forward to visiting again, to try other dishes on the menu, as the onion fritters in particular caught my eye.

The photos below show a couple of other dishes, I have eaten on previous visits and as you can see, you do not go hungry, unlike some places, where they think vegans have the appetite of a mouse.

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