Friday, 25 November 2016

The Three Fishes Mitton Road Mitton 24th November 2016

The Three Fishes, part of the Ribble Valley Inns Group, has a vegan menu, so if I want to pop in for lunch or dinner, it is great to be able to just turn up, so have visited several times this year already.

I visited last night, after Head Chef Ian Moss, suggested making a one off vegan version of the Mushroom Wellington, currently on their main menu, I hope this will be on the vegan menu, if you read on, you will see why.

I had a refreshing Aperol and soda on arrival, my drink of the moment, I love it.   Ian came out for a chat and said he had to consciously think of something else, instead of topping potatoes or vegetables with butter or a vegan replacement for egg wash.   I take it for granted I suppose, but after years of classical training, I can understand that chefs faced with vegan requirements can find it challenging, as they are out their comfort zone.   However Ian is so enthusiastic about all food, had obviously researched alternatives and his efforts when the dish appeared, was more than apparent.

I started the meal with roast tomato soup, served without bread for two reasons, my soya allergy is an issue and their bread contains it, apart from their flat bread, but I was conscious of being too full and unable to do justice to the Wellington.

The tomato soup is an excellent starter, light, comforting and full of flavour, with a grind of pepper, I was a happy vegan and looking forward to mains.

When the main course arrived, just looking at the dish, brought a big smile to my face, it looked stunning and beautifully presented.   The Wellington was packed with mushrooms and spinach, accompanied with perfectly cooked cabbage, not the soggy mess like my mum used to make.   The potatoes, not sure of the type, were some of the best new potatoes I have eaten in ages.   I know Ian had reservations about the Diane sauce, normally made with cream, but his version with coconut milk, was delicious, he had no need to worry.   I personally think a thicker cream sauce, would detract from the star of the show, the Wellington, but the vegan version was spot on, they made a perfect marriage.

The dish was the best vegan Wellington I have eaten, in fact I would go so far as to say, it was on one of the best dishes I have eaten in a long time.   Steven managed to pinch a forkful and agreed with me, saying he would be more than happy to order it himself, it was that good.   I was too full for dessert, although mango sorbet or apple crumble with coconut custard, was on offer, but I was replete, as can be seen from my plate.

I would love to see this dish on the vegan menu, in fact I would suggest they use this rendition on the main menu, as it appeals to vegans, vegetarians or diners who just fancy something different and makes a fabulous Sunday lunch dish.   It is a robust, warming and comforting dish and knocks into a cocked hat, the vision of bland, boring vegan food, not a chance.

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