Monday, 31 October 2016

Wilf's Cafe Staveley Mill Yard Staveley 27th October 2016

I wanted lunch on a journey up to the Lakes and enquired if Wilf's Cafe could offer vegan options and received a great response from Charlotte.   She said they had jacket potatoes with fillings, including houmous, fried mushrooms, roast vegetables, vegetarian chilli (ordered without cheese) and salads varied day by day, but to ask if the dressings contained honey or not.   I was very impressed that she knew vegans do not eat honey, unlike many places.    Charlotte also said they pretty much make everything themselves, so know what goes into all the food, so any questions just ask.

We arrived on a dreary Thursday lunchtime, but the sign outside and the frontage, cheered me up no end.

The place was packed, but we managed to find a free table, in the room at the rear of the cafe, reserved for adults only, which led to an outside decking area, for sitting out, on warmer days.

I ordered a green tea and jacket potato with homemade houmous, roast vegetables and salad and it was spot on, the potato was obviously oven baked, not microwaved, as the skin was nice and crisp and the salad really fresh.

I would definitely revisit Wilf's Cafe, I love their attitude, such a contrast to enquiries I made at two other places in Staveley.   One cafe said they had no vegan options, yet calling in for coffee, as we were too early for lunch, the menu board had numerous things to make a tasty vegan sandwich.   They turned away a group of three enquiring about vegan options, whilst we were there and who we saw in Wilf's later and the other place never replied back.

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