Sunday, 22 May 2016

Atul Kochhar's Sindhu Restaurant onboard P&O Cruises Azura

I dined at Sindhu on Arcadia last September see here, when Atul himself was on board, so I was keen to visit Sindhu on Azura during our recent cruise.

Part of the restaurant runs parallel to a busy walk through, so as we were sat near an opening looking out onto this area, it felt like you were sitting by a busy road, with constant traffic going past, maybe the atmosphere is better further inside the restaurant.

I contacted the restaurant manager regarding my vegan diet and allergies and was told it would not be a problem and they would amend that night's menu.

Our waiter brought poppadums and chutneys to the table and told me I could only have the chutneys.   I only recently became aware that poppadums were made from lentils, but I was not particularly impressed, who wants to sit and eat just chutneys, some crisps or salad could easily have replaced the poppadums.

We were given a pre-starter onion bhaji served with a green sauce which I left, as I was unsure if it contained dairy and no explanation was given and to be honest, I was a little reluctant to ask, as service was not particularly friendly.

My starter, tandoori cauliflower parcel with piccalilli and smoked tomato chutney, was the same as I had on Arcadia last year, but just look at the difference, it looks a completely different dish.

 Sindhu on Azura 

  Sindhu on Arcadia

Main course was vegetable biryani, accompanied by vegetable curry, which made up for the starter, as it was delicious, very filling and I loved the authentic presentation.

When it came to the dessert course, sadly non was offered, not even fruit salad or sorbet and with a cold not particularly endearing service, from the front of house staff, I decided not to ask.

The experience was a complete contrast to our September visit, which makes me think that Atul's presence on board had an influence.   There was a cover charge of £20 each and both myself and my husband thought that on this occasion, it was not value for money. This was the only disappointing dining experience onboard and we decided not to make another visit during our 21 night cruise.

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