Friday, 8 April 2016

Takk Tariff Street Manchester 7th April 2016

Takk is a cafe and creative space in the Northern Quarter and has been on my radar for ages, as I know they have been increasing their vegan options.   The place was buzzing on a Thursday lunchtime and so I was lucky to get a seat.

I visited for lunch and one thing that Takk do well is their coffee, which they advertise on the board outside, I had a large black Americano, it was delicious and I could easily have drunk two.

There were a number of vegan food options including soup, stew and a jackfruit sandwich made with Trove bakery molasses bread, which was my choice.

I really enjoyed the sandwich, it was moist and tasty, but I like spice, so maybe more jerk seasoning would not have gone amiss, but I loved it.   Takk gets top marks though, just for the fact of having an unusual vegan sandwich filling, instead of the usual houmous, falafel or avocado, which gets repetitive and makes me wonder what other ideas they have.

I will definitely revisit, when I get the chance, definitely for brunch next time, to see what vegan options are on the menu.

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