Friday, 8 April 2016

Premier Inn Lower Mosley Street Manchester 8th April 2016

I have stayed at all the Premier Inn's in Manchester and thought it was time to review their vegan breakfast options, easily identifiable from their allergen information list.

There are vegan options on both the cold and hot selection, with their bread, sourdough crumpets and cinnamon and raisin bagels, all vegan and to my delight also soya free.   There is fruit salad, bananas, apples and fruit compote and a variety of cereals available.   The hash browns, grilled tomatoes and baked beans are also vegan and if only the mushrooms were cooked in oil, instead of butter, they would be too.   It would also be good to have a dairy free yogurt available and a vegan dairy free margarine, which would encompass many dietary requirements.   I took my own vegan margarine, a Coyo natural yogurt along with some coconut milk, although they do offer soya milk.

As you can see I did not go hungry, in fact I was so enjoying tucking in, I forgot to take photos, hence half eaten food on the plate.   I really like Premier Inn and have stayed with them all over the country and hope to see more vegan options in the future.

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