Saturday, 16 January 2016

Crust Bold Street Liverpool 15th January 2016

Crust is a newly opened restaurant and bar, specialising in Italian classics  some with a twist and is an extremely busy place, especially on a Friday night, when we visited.

I contacted Crust via Twitter and received a very positive response as to vegan options, with plenty to chose from and many of the pizzas can be adapted.   I decided on tomato and basil bruschetta to start, which I shared with my husband which at £3 was a bargain.   Mains was Marinara pizza, a simple traditional Italian classic of tomato, oregano, garlic and olive oil, but I asked for artichokes as an extra, with a side order of skin on French fries

The food was delicious and having eaten Marinara pizza all over Italy and in Naples, where pizza orginated, it is fantastic to see it being served at Crust as it should be and not a seafood pizza, as in most Italian restaurants.   Service was fast and efficient, which it needs to be as Crust is a vibrant, busy place and if you are looking for a quiet romantic dinner for two, it is not the place for you, but if you want delicious authentic Italian pizza, get yourself down to Bold Street.

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