Thursday, 29 October 2015

Soup Kitchen Spear Street Manchester 26th October 2015

I have been meaning to pop into Soup Kitchen for ages and wish I had done sooner, as I loved it on my first visit.   It is a really relaxed kind of place, with long bench type communal tables, loads of people coming and going, with blackboards explaining what dishes were available and plenty of vegan options.

You order food at the counter, so I opted for a roasted vegetable and houmous sandwich, with a mug of roasted butternut squash and sage soup, which at £6.50 was a bargain.   The lunch was delicious with loads of filling in the sandwich, which was probably one of the best sandwiches I have eaten recently.

I could not manage any cake for afters, but there were vegan peanut butter brownies and veggie fritterz available.

I will certainly be revisiting Soup Kitchen and will make sure I have room for whatever vegan cakes are on that day.

Wahaca Corn Exchange Manchester 26th October 2015

I have wanted to try Wahaca, since it opened in the Corn Exchange and so visited with my husband on what was a busy Monday night.

I actually did not like the interior of the place at all and where we sat was so dark, you could hardly read the menus.   Our waitress Maddie was really helpful though, when I asked about vegan options and went through the menu with me, as to which dishes were suitable, so top marks on the service front, the same cannot be said for the food.

I ordered nibbles of guacamole and tomato salsa, both served with corn chips to share, which were quickly brought (the photos throughout this review are a little hazy, as the lighting was so low).   However before we had time to enjoy our nibbles with a nice glass of wine, our main courses arrived, which I found a little annoying.

Mains was supercharged salad which included roasted cauliflower, avocado, spelt and pumpkin seeds, served in a huge inedible deep-fried tortilla bowl, which was such a waste, as it was that hard, it would have been impossible to eat it, even if I wanted to.   It does say on the menu that for a lighter option you can ask for it without the tortilla bowl, why not just serve it like that all the time.   I also ordered sweet potato chunks as a side order.

I was so disappointed with the food, it was under-seasoned and bland, bland, bland even when I added some of the vegan friendly chipotle sauce.

Would I go back, I'm afraid not as it certainly did not meet my expectations.

Sunday, 18 October 2015

The Koffee Pot Oldham Street Manchester 18th October 2015

I had heard about The Koffee Pot from Manchester Confidential so headed on down for Sunday breakfast.   It has an American diner vibe, in fact the place was buzzing with a diverse mix of customers, families, couples, groups of girls and boys, I loved soaking up the atmosphere.

I was starving after a night out in Manchester the previous evening and a full vegan breakfast was badly needed and a bargain at £6.50.

It did not disappoint and came with two rounds of toast and excellent coffee which was so good I had to have another for the caffeine fix!

This is a great place, service was friendly and spot on and being a Sunday morning, people were waiting to get a table, definitely one to revisit when next in need of a hangover cure!

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Makrovega Leština Ulica Split 30th September 2015

I found Makrovega on Happy Cow and it got rave reviews, so when we docked in Split on a cruise, I headed off for lunch.   If you visit Makrovega do not be put off as to its location, its a little off the beaten track, but certainly worth it.

Makrovega has a daily lunch menu for 60 kuna, which is roughly £6, although you can omit the soup course if you wish, for a small reduction which is what I did.   They were very helpful, when I asked if the dish could be made without soya and husband swopped his steamed vegetables for my bean casserole, made with pinto beans which I am sadly also allergic to.

My husband loved the vegetable soup, which was light, fresh and full of flavour and a good sized portion.

The main course was really good, I really enjoyed my first taste of gomashio and you could tell the food was freshly made, as my husband's seitan had tofu layered with it and was served with tofunaise.   Mine however was a thicker piece of seitan with no tofunaise, crisp on the outside and chewy in the middle.   I loved the place and its food and it had a lovely chilled out atmosphere.

Makrovega is really popular, with a diverse customer base, women were lunching on their own, families dining together, workmen in overalls coming in for a takeaway, which was a brisk trade at lunchtime and as for the cake display, I was swooning but far too full, to take advantage.   If in Split you have to visit Makrovega.

Nishta Restaurant Prijeko bb Dubrovnik 28th September 2015

I had done some research, as to vegan options in Dubrovnik and Nishta was definitely the place to go, after reading reviews on both Happy Cow and Tripadvisor.   It is easy to find in the old town and I am glad we got there early for lunch, as it is a busy, busy place, with tables reserved for later diners.

The menu is vast with many vegan options, so it was hard to decide what to have, but I went for the Bar Bea seitan burger with naan bread and sweet potato sticks and it did not disappoint, it was fantastic.

I was far too full for a dessert, but if the main course was anything to go by, I do not doubt the desserts would be as good.   If in Dubrovnik, do not miss out on a visit to Nishta, or you will regret it and as for the price, well a meal for two with delicious local sparkling water was 182.00 kuna, which I worked out to be about £18.00.

Rosy's Bakery Paleologou Corfu Town 27th September 2015

I stumbled across Rosy Soussis's two bakeries on 37 & 71 Paleologou by chance, whilst visiting Corfu Town on a cruise.   I first of all saw the sign below and so had to go in and have a chat, as I could not believe I had found vegan baclava.

I was most impressed by Rosy's knowledge of the vegan diet, she explained her vegan baclava was made with olive oil and sugar syrup, to replace butter and honey.   I also enquired as to why she had begun making a vegan version in the first place and she just said "why not" explaining that she had been asked so many times by visitors and it was a big seller.

If you are ever in Corfu Town, you have to visit Rosy's Bakery and sample the baclava, it is awesome.