Thursday, 29 October 2015

Wahaca Corn Exchange Manchester 26th October 2015

I have wanted to try Wahaca, since it opened in the Corn Exchange and so visited with my husband on what was a busy Monday night.

I actually did not like the interior of the place at all and where we sat was so dark, you could hardly read the menus.   Our waitress Maddie was really helpful though, when I asked about vegan options and went through the menu with me, as to which dishes were suitable, so top marks on the service front, the same cannot be said for the food.

I ordered nibbles of guacamole and tomato salsa, both served with corn chips to share, which were quickly brought (the photos throughout this review are a little hazy, as the lighting was so low).   However before we had time to enjoy our nibbles with a nice glass of wine, our main courses arrived, which I found a little annoying.

Mains was supercharged salad which included roasted cauliflower, avocado, spelt and pumpkin seeds, served in a huge inedible deep-fried tortilla bowl, which was such a waste, as it was that hard, it would have been impossible to eat it, even if I wanted to.   It does say on the menu that for a lighter option you can ask for it without the tortilla bowl, why not just serve it like that all the time.   I also ordered sweet potato chunks as a side order.

I was so disappointed with the food, it was under-seasoned and bland, bland, bland even when I added some of the vegan friendly chipotle sauce.

Would I go back, I'm afraid not as it certainly did not meet my expectations.

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