Thursday, 10 September 2015

Costa Coffee Salford Quays Manchester 10th September 2015

I have been tweeting Costa Coffee on and off, since last year, regarding vegan options in their stores, which were zero, bar a packet of mixed nuts or dried mango chunks.   Finally today I sampled their falafel and couscous salad which is a really tasty product and wolfed down immediately.

Sadly on their website it says unsuitable for vegans, but scrutinise the label and I cannot see anything unsuitable.   I think once more, their confusion is over allergen legislation, as in "may contain" versus "does contain" and there is a big difference.   Earlier this week I had the same issue over their hot chocolate made by Cadburys, the ingredients of which are vegan friendly, but deemed not so on Costa's website, presumably due to possible allergen cross contamination.

Costa Coffee really need to get their act together, if I was in a queue in store, with loads of people behind me, I am not going to stand there and read that long ingredient list.   I am sure others will do the same and not buy the product, the result of which will be Costa Coffee saying vegan options are not popular and withdraw the product from their food range.   They really need to put their house in order as regards vegan labelling.

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