Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Pizza Express High Street Skipton 18th March 2015

I am a big fan of Pizza Express and whenever I visit anywhere, I always check to see if there is one in town.   This means I have eaten at Pizza Express all the way up in Edinburgh, right down to London, Falmouth and even Gibraltar.   What I love about the chain is not only the quality of their pizzas but also the consistency across the board.   On our visit to Gibraltar I was a little apprehensive as to what to expect, but once again it was fantastic.

So on a day trip to Skipton, we were pleased to see that a branch opened up last year, so we went in for lunch today.   The place is light and airy and we were quickly shown to our table, given menus and drinks orders taken.   The other reason I love Pizza Express is of course you can veganise the pizzas available, my usual being the Veneziana until Pizza Express introduced the Pianta vegan pizza.   The Pianta pizza was as good as any I have had, lovely base, great toppings being rocket, mushrooms, artichokes, pine nuts and spinach, so really its a healthy pizza too.

Even better is that after my pizza I was able to sample the Dolcetti, where you can order a coffee and have a small portion of dessert, in my case a really tasty raspberry vegan sorbet.

 I would highly recommend this branch, as service was friendly and helpful and even better they had a Wednesday two for one offer on all mains courses, so my pizza was free.

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